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My name is Kelleigh Hudson

I am a highly skilled professional who has a passion for vulnerable people, who are going through a difficult time, and who need support and a 'safe place' to receive the help and support they need.

I have over 25 years of experience providing and managing services within Local Authorities, the Charity Sector and Church Ministries. This includes developing Housing and Support services and a range of outreach services that support children and families, young people,  women fleeing domestic violence, those that are homeless, and a variety of other individuals who have been affected by trauma and abuse. 

For a flavour and insight into the type of services I have developed, please click the link for Life Essence Ministry which provides accommodation and support services for women.  This service helps women who have gone through abuse and trauma to find a safe place to stay, recover and learn new ways of being.


'I believe in sharing my skills, expertise and knowledge to enable others to make this world a better place!

This is achieved through the use of a holistic approach to running services,  with a specialist set of skills that can help you to start or grow your project in a unique custom-made direction,   utilizing my skills in Project Management, Leadership, Management, Training, Education and Theology.

' I am dedicated to providing high-quality professional consultancy and support services, that support you to provide services for the unique communities that you wish to support!

This includes working with vulnerable people from a variety of backgrounds with varying needs. My training packages are specialised, unique, and can support your project from beginning to end.

Qualifications and Training; 

  • Coaching/Mentoring 

  • Social Work 

  • Children and Young people 

  • Complex Families 

  • Safeguarding/Supervision/FristAid/

       Health and Safety 

  • Education and Training 

  • Leadership and Management 

  • Theology

  • Family Group Conferences 

  • Solihull Parenting Training 

  •  Infant Massage Instructor

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