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Mentoring with Kelleigh

I really love to inspire and motivate people! I can guarantee that with one conversation with ME and you will walk away feeling motivated and inspired to create change........THAT IS A PROMISE!

My 1-1 mentoring will enable you to move your life forward, by helping you to achieve a deeper understanding of your present situation.

You will learn to make informed decisions which are in line with your values, ALL of which will help you achieve the fulfilment and happiness you deserve.

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I was always impressed at the simplicity in which Kelleigh can get to the heart of the matter. As a coach, Kelleigh helped me to take my listening skills to the next level. Her enthusiastic coaching style is encouraging, motivating, and uplifting.


'I was seeking support, advice and somewhat of an explanation to my situation.  What I received was an honest, truthful reflection on a new option of viewing my circumstances differently to arrive at the same goal. Kelleigh was insightful supportive non-judgemental and caring'.


Thank you DDK

At times we all need a little help.

Sometimes we need to make sense of a relationship that is not going well, or a job that is holding us back, or we are overcome with negative feelings of worthlessness, sadness or loneliness.

Sometimes we are trapped in a family drama or a body that we are not happy with. Sometimes we are trapped by the things we thought we wanted but no longer satisfy us.. 


All of this can prevent us from moving forward and living an entire, happy life. 

Motivational Mentoring helps you to Reset, Refresh and Move Forward in many areas: 

  • Career

  • Relationship

  • Social Life

  • Personal Development

  • Quality Of Life

  • Parenting 

  • Spiritual​/Faith

Empowerment & Growth!

Why Mentoring?

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