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Supported Accommodation
Training Program 

Do you have the call and the vision to help the homeless or create safe homes for men, women and children?

Here at Creative Genesis, we have designed a training program that will equip you with key pockets of knowledge that support you on your journey of creating safe housing for the homeless. 

COST £1,500 per 


This programme can be delivered over six weeks in the evenings or over the course of two consecutive Saturdays.


(Either online or in-person)

Program Aims:

By the end of this course, you will have gained knowledge and wisdom on how to start up and run supported accommodation for vulnerable people.  

You will gain a full understanding of; 

  • What supported housing is 

  • What are the legal parameters for running this type of service 

  • What is expected from you as a landlord and a service provider

  • You will have a full understanding of how to acquire a property whether through your own financial routes or partnering with other funders.

  • You will all receive our letter templates and our policy templates and any other relevant paper that will equip you in your project. 

Module Guideline 

Eight Modules & 15 Hours of teaching, relevant handouts & templates and includes a practical workshop. 

Please get in touch with Creative Genesis,  if you would like to discuss attending our online supported accommodation training program.

Then we would love to hear from you. 

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