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We Provide Specialized Support for  Start-ups & Developing Existing  Community Support Services.

Enabling You to shine your light within your domain: Through creating, growing and developing Community Support Services, that impact and support other people's lives.





About You:

  • Do you have a passion for people? 

  • Do you have a vision for a project but you are unsure where to start?

  • Are you struggling with developing systems, processes or procedures for your current project? 


 'Then my specialised consultancy service is for you, I will share with you my knowledge and understanding of how to start your project and evolve your community service, within your targeted area for those you wish to support'.

Bespoke  support includes expert advice and packages  that support the unique development of your service in areas such as:

  • Supported Housing Initiatives 

  • Domestic Abuse Services

  • Children & Families Support Services

  • Development of community Groups/Workshops,

  • Church Ministries development

        and much much more!

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